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Wrestlemania Weekend: Happy and Sad Moments

Posted by jammer311 on April 9, 2014 at 3:00 PM

I am totally at a loss for words right now.  And I think everyone knows why.  I really didn't even know what to call this blog, because nothing seemed right for what I put.  So I just put what it's about.  I actually had this whole idea to write about "The Streak" coming to an end, but it almost seems weird to talk about that, when other things have happened in the last 24 hours or so.

I guess I should talk a bit about Wrestlemania XXX and the Hall of Fame.  This was probably one of the most unique and special Hall of Fame shows that we've ever seen.  Seeing Jake "The Snake" Roberts get inducted and his moving and emotional speech was amazing.  To see Razor Ramon get inducted after the trials and tribulations he's dealt with in the past few years was great.  Lita, Mr. T, Paul Bearer and Carlos Colon, all fitting people to get put into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Then there was the main draw for the evening...

The Ultimate Warrior!!

Warrior was his usual self - of course making the speech great!  He looked awfully red during it, but I figured that's just from the excitement.  I mean, Ric Flair always looks red too.  I just figure it's cause of the high energy those kind of wrestlers give off in their promos and such.  But it was damn cool to see the Warrior get put into the Hall of Fame class of 2014.

Now onto Wrestlemania XXX.

Cesaro is the man.  Let's get that out of the way right off the bat.  The dude body slammed The Big Show over the ropes and out of the ring to the floor!  And with ease at that!  Big time player there, I know it.  Especially now that he's a "Paul Heyman guy."

Daniel Bryan finally got his big win and became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion!  It was a long time coming for that man, and it's pretty sweet that it's finally happened.  Now we will see how long before the fans get bored with him, as they usually tend to do.

The Streak.

I think I was like everyone else when watching the match....

"Wait, did that just happen?"

Yes, yes it did.

For Brock Lesnar beat The Undertaker and ended the streak.  It's done.  It finishes at 21-1.  Not a bad streak though.  Nobody will ever do that in the WWE again, that's for sure.  But I think the reason why people were shocked with it ending, was how it ended.  At Wrestlemania XXV and XXVI against Shawn Michaels, there were so many hope spots and near finishes that the fans were going crazy.  The same can be said for Wrestlemania XXVII and XXVIII with Triple H.  But this year, it was just a simple F5 for the third time, and a one... two... three.  Ring the bell, it's over.

The only good thing about this is, now if Undertaker still continues to wrestle at Wrestlemania cards, nobody will know if he will win or not.  So I guess that's a bonus in his matches.

WWE Raw also saw Paige debut and win the Diva's Title from AJ Lee.  Thank God for that.  AJ Lee's promo was annoying, as it felt like she took every single thing CM Punk said about this WWE Title reign and copied it.  Not really creative at all.

Raw also saw the Ultimate Warrior come out and pay tribute to the fans, and say his farewell.  It was great to see.  For the Ultimate Warrior had finally come home.........

The following day, the Ultimate Warrior died.  He was 54 years old.

I don't really know what to say about this, because it almost seems like a bad joke to a good story.  So much Warrior for the last week or so for me too.  From buying his DVD and watching it, to seeing him at the Hall of Fame, and at Wrestlemania XXX and finally on Raw, and now... he's gone.

I was never a huge Warrior fan back in the day, I was a Savage fan in the 80s, and a Hogan one too, but Warrior would probably be in my top five if I had to pick.  He brought a lot of great memories from my childhood.  The battles with Hercules, to the war with Rick Rude, to "The Ultimate Challenge" with Hulk Hogan, to the career ending battle with Randy Savage.  He was a big reason back in the day, as to why I became such a huge wrestling fan.

So Warrior, I hope you are at peace.  I hope you died with no regrets.  And I know that because of us fans, that you will forever be immortalized forever, as the Ultimate Warrior!!

Thank you for the memories!!


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