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AJ Styles: Smackdown With A Bit Of Impact!

Posted by jammer311 on September 12, 2016 at 12:25 AM

Very few times do I have mark out moments while watching WWE anymore.  Austin Aries debuting on NXT was huge.  Seth Rollins coming back a few months ago was one.  My good friend Eric Young showing up on NXT was another.  Even Bobby Roode appearing at NXT Takeover last month was exciting to see.  But tonight may have been the one to take the cake!

For AJ Styles is our new WWE World Champion!

That's right, the "Phenomenal One" is our WWE World Champion.

I remember the first time I saw AJ Styles in action.  My friend and I figured we may as well buy a TNA weekly PPV since they were only $10 at the time, and the match we saw was AJ Styles vs. Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title.  And that night, AJ Styles won his first NWA World Championship!  Right then I instantly became a fan of his.

People talk about the "Summer of Punk" for CM Punk in ROH in 2005, and in WWE for 2011, but I much prefer the Summer of Styles for TNA in 2003.  He had amazing NWA World Title matches with D'Lo Brown, Raven, Low Ki, Jerry Lynn, and Jeff Jarrett.  It was a real fun time, and I believe I seen most - if not all - those title matches that summer.

Then you put in all the X-Division Title matches, with the likes of Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, Low Ki, Jerry Lynn, Sean Waltman, Samoa Joe, and of course his old friend/rival.... Christopher Daniels.  Those matches speak volumes and are still fun to watch today!

The Tag Titles he held with Abyss, Christopher Daniels, Tomko - and being the Prince of TNA at the time - and then the the NWA World Title reigns, as well as the two TNA World Title reigns.  For AJ Styles dominated TNA Impact Wrestling.

But the question always remained, would AJ Styles ever go to the WWE?

I remember when he left TNA in January of 2014, I thought maybe he may show up in the WWE.  But he opted to go to New Japan and ROH for the next little while.  He became a two time IWGP Champion, and was part of the greatest faction since the New World Order: The Bullet Club.  He would have amazing matches with the likes of Jay Lethal in ROH, all the while working out a deal to go back to TNA Impact Wrestling?!

Yes, that is true.  But at the last minute, the WWE came a-calling, and he opted to sign with the WWE.

The Royal Rumble.

The biggest event of the winter (Hey, if SummerSlam can be the biggest event of the summer, I don't see why the Royal Rumble can't be the biggest event of the winter?) was taking place and who was number three entrant?  AJ Styles!

Wow, AJ Styles was finally in the WWE.

Next up, Wrestlemania.  Where he had - what I felt - the match of the night with Chris Jericho.  And even though he was on the losing end that night, it was still a big win for AJ Styles, because he was on a WWE Wrestlemania event.

The WWE Title matches with Roman Reigns.  Maybe some of Reigns best matches, and Styles brought the best out of him.  Both matches they had were amazing, and should be watched if you haven't seen them.

The John Cena feud.  For yes, AJ Styles actually pin, and dominated the feud with John Cena.  Something that has never happened since Cena's feud with Edge years ago.

But tonight, the greatest thing of all took place.  For AJ Styles finally did it.  Tonight, AJ Styles became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

I think this is a huge win for everyone that has followed AJ's career.  This is a big win for all the TNA Impact wrestling fans.  This is a big win for the guys like Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and anyone else who is on the WWE roster who has been along on this ride with AJ Styles.

So tonight, Phenomoenal One, you can celebrate.  For it took you 16 years to do it.  And you can say you finally did it!  For AJ Styles, you are the WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

Take it all in, champ!  You deserve everything you are getting right now.  For your title reign will be nothing but.... phenomenal!


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