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Hulk Hogan: Nobody's Perfect!

Posted by jammer311 on July 26, 2015 at 4:40 PM

As everyone knows by now, a lot of stuff has come out in the past few days regarding Hulk Hogan and the stuff he has done or said over the past years.  Apparently not everything has even been released yet either.  We've only just seen the beginning of the downward spiral that is Hulk Hogan's life now.  For the WWE has erased him in every which way they could - which shows me that there must be a greater amount of bad coming in the next few weeks - and all his wrestling figures that Mattel have been producing and making have been put on hold.

Now I am not saying what The Hulkster said was right or wrong.  That's up for everyone else to decide.  I know we all know what was said.  He used the 'N' word when describing a certain race of people.  But do I think Hulk Hogan is a racist?  No.

I think Hulk Hogan was caught in a bad moment, during a bad situation, with someone recording what he was saying without him even being aware of it.  We don't know what was going on in Hulk's head at that very moment he said that stuff.  He was clearly mad - and I think everyone can agree when you are really mad you say or stuff you later regret!

Hulk is clearly regretting this.

And again, I do not think that Hulk Hogan is a racist.

If Hulk was a racist would he have teamed with Mr. T, Dennis Rodman, work with Karl Malone, and so forth?  I doubt it.  Though they do say money talks, but if someone was so strong to their own self ways then they wouldn't do something they hated for any amount of money in the world.

Anyone who is a Hulk Hogan fan - whether it be white, black, yellow, red - no matter the colour of your skin; we forgive you.  People make mistakes.  I make mistakes, and I bet those reading this right now have made a few mistakes they sure would like to change or forget about.  It happens.

So Hulkster, I am not mad at you overall, I am just mad that you were crazy enough to say that kind of stuff.  You made us wrestling figure fans upset too!  We were so waiting for that Hollywood Hogan figure to come out early next year but now it's been put on hiatus because of the stuff you said.

I know you said you were sorry for the words you said, and I know a lot of your Hulkamaniacs have forgiven you.  We just want the Hulk Hogan of old, the one we grew up watching, and had faith in.  He was a super hero to all of us, we want him back.

So Hulk, try not to say anymore racial slurs, or have sex on camera anymore.  The WWE universe - and the Hulkamaniacs - want you back home where you belong!


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