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Sting Has Arrived.... 14 Years Too Late

Posted by jammer311 on November 25, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Survivor Series has come and gone yet again, and we are left with many feelings regarding the Pay Per View.... oops, should I say, Free Per View for those with the WWE Network; aka Americans.

Okay, let me get this out of the way first.  I am Canadian.  And in Canada, there is the WWE Network, it's just called the WWE Netpak, and a cable company by the name of Rogers Cable has the rights to it.  Rogers also only hits around 20% of Canada.  So what does that mean for the other remaining 80% of Canada?  Simple, really.  It means we still have to pay for the event if we want to see it.  The WWE botched the Canada WWE Network deal so badly that I don't ever see it being fixed.  So for those with Rogers Cable, enjoy your WWE Netpak.  For those who have other cable companies here in Canada, I feel your pain.

Now onto the Survivor Series event.

I had mixed feelings going into this thing.  For one, the card looked decent.  It looked to be one of their strongest shows in a long time.  Though Randy Orton wasn't on the show, to be honest, it felt weird not seeing him perform.  Even though everyone for the longest time complained about Orton matches, to be honest, he is some what needed at times.

The Fatal Four Way Tag Title match was great for what it was expected to be.  The Miz and Damien Mizdow coming out on top was a no brainer to say the least.  If done right, these two could have a pretty nice match at Wrestlemania 31 this year; but it's the WWE, so my guess is they will be on some sort of battle royal instead of blowing off their feud.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt was what it was.  I expected these two to feud after the Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose feud let off.  However, after this feud, I have a hard time imagining what Dean Ambrose could do for a feud.  I know many people have drank the koolaid that is Dean Ambrose, and think he's going to be a future star, but even if he is WWE Champion some day, you can bet that John Cena will still be in the main event.  Just take a look at CM Punk's WWE Title reign.

The main event was pretty intense at times, I will give it that.  The Big Show heel turn seemed pointless, and won't put anymore new fans into viewing Raw.  Now a John Cena heel turn would do that, but we can't have that happening now, can we?

The last 10 minutes or so of this match reminded me of 1987 and 2003 respectively.  Where you had one face (Bam Bam Bigelow in '87, and Shawn Michaels in '03) and you are against three top heels (King Kong Bundy, One Man Gang & Andre The Giant in '87, and Christian, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton in '03).  I actually thought that the same thing would happen too.  Dolph Ziggler would pin Kane, then go on to pin Luke Harper, and end up losing to Seth Rollins.  Which in all honesty looked like would happen, until a man made his debut into the WWE after all these years......


Okay, so Sting is finally in a WWE ring.  Yay?  I guess.  But come on, it's 14 years too late, and even that's being generous.  I guess I could have been more understanding even if he came to the WWE in 2006, or 2008, but not at 2014, when he's 55 years old at that!

Now I know, I know, age is just a number.  But has anyone seen Sting's last run in TNA?  The matches he was having weren't the greatest.  And this isn't a knock on Sting, because he shouldn't be having great matches now, he's 55 years old.  The Sting from his UWF, NWA and WCW days I could watch all day.  Sting vs. Vader, Sting vs. Barry Windham, Sting vs. Lex Luger, and Sting vs. Ric Flair.  These are the matches I loved.  But I just don't see the excitement of having Sting being in the WWE right now, to me it just makes no sense whatsoever.

So Sting causes Seth Rollins to get pinned by Dolph Ziggler, after he did a Scorpion Death Drop to Triple H, which in turn looked like Sting hurt his own back, from how he was holding it when he got up.  What do you expect though?  The WWE rings are harder than the WCW or TNA rings, and Sting is 55 years old.  I know, I have said that a few times, but still, it's true, he is 55 years old.

Now the best part about the whole Sting being in the WWE now, is how much the fans love it, and are actually excited for this.  I hear the "Sting vs. Undertaker dream match can finally happen" stuff.  Okay, just curious, but who the hell has that as their dream match?  Not me, that's for sure.  I never once had this concept that Sting vs. Undertaker would be this amazing dream match.  And honestly, I doubt Sting vs. Undertaker is going to happen now anyhow.  My money is betting that Undertaker is most likely done with in ring action, and he's younger than Sting!

Also, for years and years, people who weren't technically TNA fans, didn't care to watch the product.  So my guess is, they haven't seen Sting wrestle for the past 10 years there.  So in their mind, Sting is still the same Sting they saw wrestle in WCW in 1998 - 2001 when WCW finally closed down.  No, sadly that isn't the case, Sting isn't that Sting anymore.

In closing here, I have a picture I found on the internet that sums up perfectly how every wrestling fan has felt about Sting for the past few years.

So as a fellow Sting fan myself, do I want to see him wrestle in a WWE ring?  No.  Do I want to see him be the main induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame for 2015?  Yes.  Would I love to see another DVD set on Sting with a documentary on him?  Yes.

So Stinger, you finally made it to the 'big time' which is the WWE.  You didn't do it in 1993, you didn't do it in 1995 after Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage took your spot in WCW, you didn't even do it in 2001 when WCW folded and the WWE took WCW stars.  You waited until now, the year 2014, at the ripe old age of 55 years old to make your WWE debut.

But hey, at least the WWE is giving its fans what they want, right??  That being new, young, fresh talent, and that's what Sting is... right?

Now, let me get back to something I said earlier on about the Big Show heel turn.  Nobody tuned into Raw to see what Big Show had to say, but they tuned in to see Sting.  And Sting wasn't even there.

Really WWE?  Really?

So let's just forget everything I said about Sting's age for a minute here.  The man takes 14 years to come to the WWE, he attacks Triple H, helps Team Cena win, and you don't have him come out the next night on Raw to speak?  To say why he did what he did?  And the WWE wonders why the ratings are down.

Well, I guess we can expect to see Sting wrestle at least one match in the WWE, and my guess is it will be at Wrestlemania 31, and my guess is he will be wrestling Triple H.  I suppose if anyone can make a 55 year old man look good in a match, it's Triple H.

Best of luck Sting!

- Jammer

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