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CM Punk Quits The WWE?!?!

Posted by jammer311 on January 29, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Is it possibly true?  Did CM Punk actually walk out on the WWE, much like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin did 12 years ago?  Well, it appears to be true.  For CM Punk left Monday and isn't planning on returning any time soon.  Which actually doesn't shock me at all.

The guy has been miserable for a while now.  He's been booked horribly ever since dropping the WWE Title to The Rock at last years Royal Rumble.  Which probably started the problems to begin with.  You go from being WWE Champion - for 434 days - to dropping the title to a guy who is there part time.  Hell, he's there less than part time.  CM Punk worked hard on making the WWE Title seem important, and then handed it over to a movie star, who in turned handed it over to John Cena, in what was considered by most fans to be the worst main event ever in the history of a Wrestlemania show.

Then you get put into a program with The Undertaker - which isn't bad.  But it's booked four weeks in advance to Wrestlemania.  So you don't have much time to build a story line, but you do.  Then you go into the match - knowing that for four years before that, the Undertaker had amazing matches with Shawn Michaels and Triple H - and try to pull off a great match when you know Undertaker is older now, and you yourself are beat up and need time off.  But you do it, and put 'Taker over for his annual Wrestlemania win.

Then finally you get the time off you want and need.  And you are going to enjoy it.

Only to be brought back sooner that you expected because the WWE is running a pay per view in Chicago, which is your home town.

So you come back, and you wrestle Chris Jericho - a man you feuded with the year before - and you win, and you are back wrestling full time again.

Then they have you get screwed over by your friend, and fed to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.  Then you are put into a feud with two new Paul Heyman guys in Curtis Axel and Ryback - both who are mediocre at best.  Actually, wouldn't that be a great name for Curtis Axel?  "Mr. Mediocre" and he can do everything half as good as his father did.

Then you get fed to The Shield, and you actually do beat them in a handicap match, but only because they are building up the break up between The Shield.  Then you get fed to Roman Reigns who destroys you one-on-one.

But wait, now it's Wrestlemania season!

The Royal Rumble will fix things.  So the WWE puts you in at number one, and you make it to the end, only to have Kane eliminate you and thus taking away your chance at main eventing at Wrestlemania.

Doesn't matter though, right?  You know that the WWE fans want Daniel Bryan to be their hero now.  They've been saying it since August.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" - that chant... that chant that just won't go away.

So they tell you that you are going to wrestle Triple H at Wrestlemania - because as you know - Triple H needs to wrestle at Wrestlemania!  If he wrestles one time a year, it has to be at Wrestlemania.  Taking a spot away from someone who deserves to be on the card, and make a big pay off.  Because Triple H really needs it, right?

And with all that, with the year that went by, and you see how the WWE handled your character, and your career, there is only one thing left to do....

You snap.

CM Punk had enough, and on Monday before Raw went on the air, walked out of the WWE for good.  He didn't care anymore.  He hasn't cared for quite some time.  He took his ball and went home.  But clearly he doesn't care.  He's made his money, he's done it all - except main event Wrestlemania, which is another reason why he's upset - and he could retire now if he wanted to.

In July, his contract expires again.  Just like it did in July of 2011.  Only difference is then, he wasn't really going to leave.  It was a story line, and it was the coolest thing the WWE did in a while back then.  It got people talking, it got people watching.  It was great for everyone involved.  But now, in 2014, it's a different story.

CM Punk could easily sign with TNA, or ROH, come later on this year.  That is if he wanted to.  I am pretty sure if Punk does indeed not go back to the WWE, he would most likely do ROH shows just for fun if he felt like wrestling.  And that would be huge for ROH if that happened - especially with the recent situation with AJ Styles leaving TNA and going to ROH.

So whatever happens now will be interesting to see.  Clearly the WWE will go on without CM Punk, and I am sure he knows that.  But I believe with this, it's all about doing what you feel needs to be done to make you yourself happy.

So for all you CM Punk fans, sorry you can't see your man wrestle on Raw or Smackdown for the time being.  But I am sure he would want all you fans to keep watching, and to get on the "Yes!" movement.  Cheer on Daniel Bryan.  Help make him succeed to be even a greater star than he already is for the WWE.  I am sure CM Punk would want you all to do that.

So for now, the "CM" in CM Punk stands for...  "Cya Man".... hopefully not for long though.


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