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ROH: Ring Of Hero?

Posted by jammer311 on January 13, 2014 at 6:00 PM

"We've got a hero!!" - Kevin Kelly, Final Battle 2013

Yes, it is correct.  For Chris Hero has returned home to ROH after being let go from WWE as a part of the NXT division.  Everyone should be talking about this.  But the problem is, something else has happened for ROH during this time.  A lot of things.

Let me just say first of all, that I loved ROH years ago.  And the sad thing is, it took me to the year 2012, to realize that I appreciate and am a fan of the ROH wrestling from 2004 - 2010.  Now I am not saying the 2002 and 2003 stuff wasn't worth enjoying - it probably is.  But being a fan of Austin Aries, and Alex Shelley, it made me really enjoy ROH for the 2004 year and on.  But I kind of stopped following it once Aries lost the ROH World Title and went back to TNA.

Until last year.

I finally got ROH television on my cable, and I got to see it every Saturday night at 9 pm.  What I saw I didn't particularly enjoy.  There was this group called S.C.U.M. and they were trying to close down ROH, and it was just very boring to me.  That all changed recently though, and it started at Final Battle 2013.

Eddie Edwards is gone.  Davey Richards is gone.  For ROH lost their version of the British Bulldogs.  Matt Hardy is back.  And Adam Cole has him as a buddy.  The ROH Title should be safe as long as Matt Hardy is watching Cole's back, against he likes of Jay Briscoe and Michael Elgin.

Chris Hero.

Chris Hero is back in ROH and he has made it known he wants to be ROH World Champion.

The Decade.

BJ Whitmer, Jimmy Jacobs and Roderick Strong together, as a group.  Wow!  I am serious, but that to me is one helluva group!  I have to admit, it's strange seeing Jimmy and BJ together again.  If anyone followed ROH over the years, knows of those two being a tag team, and then splitting up and having a brutal, bloody war against each other for all of 2006 and most of 2007.  Strong is suited well in this group.  He worked well in as the enforcer type in Generation Next years ago, and I think he'll do just the same for The Decade.

So there you go, you have Hardy returning, you have Hero returning, you have a great new heel stable, you have a lot of great wrestlers now appearing on ROH......

Oh yeah, and you got AJ Styles.

Wait... what?

What did I type again?  Did I type what I thought I typed?

"Oh yeah, and you got AJ Styles."

I did type that.  For that's right, AJ Styles has left... you heard me, for he has left TNA and signed with Ring Of Honor.

This is perfect for ROH.  It reminds me of the old ECW, when guys like Shane Douglas, or Ron Simmons, would leave WCW and go to ECW.  Well, having someone like the three time NWA World Champion and two time TNA World Champion show up in ROH, is absolutely fantastic for that promotion and their fans.

I have to admit, when watching ROH late last night at 2 am - since that TV station replays ROH three times over the weekend now - that when the video package for AJ Styles appeared on the screen, hyping him in three weeks from now, I was excited!  I am really looking forward to seeing AJ Styles back on ROH, where he competed from 2002 - 2006 off and on.

So for those who haven't seen the clips of this stuff yet, here are a few.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

The Decade talks about why they did what they did at Final Battle 2013.

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Chris Hero returns to ROH at Final Battle 2013

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Last but not least.... The Phenomenal AJ Styles!!

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So hopefully you fans enjoy the action that Ring Of Honor brings!!


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