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Big Week In Wrestling!

Posted by jammer311 on February 23, 2016 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

There isn't any other title that speaks about this week in the world of sports entertainment/professional wrestling than to just say, "Big Week In Wrestling!"  Because that's what it has/will be for all three major wrestling promotions out there.

Let's start with the WWE section.

The Fastlane Pay Per View was horrible.  I didn't care for any of the matches that took place.  I found AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho to be sloppy compared to the first two matches that they had.  The main event was a joke, because I think everyone knew that Dean Ambrose was just in the match to get pinned by Roman Reigns.  It just wasn't looking good for Wrestlemania.  Fans were not happy.  What could possibly happen on Monday Night Raw to change everything around?

"Here comes the money!  Money talks..."

That's right, Shane O Mac is back!  Shane McMahon returned to a huge ovation for so many reasons.  One being that it's been a long ass time since we have seen the old 'Rocky Johnson shuffle' that Shane would do on the stage.  Secondly, everyone knew that Shane really has the golden vision for sports entertainment, not Stephanie.

Remember in 2006 when Vince brought back ECW full time?  Shane wanted ECW to be done in small buildings, with a grunge type atmopshere, with the whole dim lights and such.  Much like how the original ECW was presented.  But Vince and Stephanie were totally against that, and thus made ECW look exactly like Raw and Smackdown.  And it failed... big time!

Shane wants power and to get that, he has to beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32 in a Hell in a Cell match.  Now this actually once again makes a Taker match interesting.  For one, the streak was such a huge draw for Wrestlemania, that once Brock Lesnar ended it back at Wrestlemania 30, the Undertaker's match at Mania now almost seems just... normal.  Last year, we saw Taker beat Bray Wyatt, but now this year, again it feels like the streak is back.  I always said that the first time Taker loses at Mania, it would shock the world, but it is gonna be the second time that he loses at Mania that is gonna be the real deal.

Let me explain why.  Anyone can have a streak in any sport.  Look at the NHL, or NFL, or NBA, you name it, there has been some sort of streak.  A team can go 15 wins right off the bat and then lose.  It happens.  And just like in wrestling - even though it is staged to a point - the first loss after having a streak can be seen as a fluke.  It could have been an off night for said sports team and they lost, well the same can be said for the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.  But its that second loss that solidifies that nobody is perfect.  So if Shane O Mac can beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32, it shows that Taker really isn't perfect when it comes to Wrestlemania and that anyone has a chance against Taker now at the grand daddy of them all!

TNA Impact

Tonight, on Impact Wrestling we get Lockdown.  It's not a PPV event anymore, but just a show now for free TV on the weekly TNA show.  But the concept of every match being held inside the six sides of steel is an entertaining factor in wanting to see this event.

Of course the big match for the show is the return match for the TNA World Title, with Ethan Carter III vs. "Big Money Matt" Matt Hardy for the TNA World Title.  I haven't read the spoilers for it, for I don't want anything to be ruined.  But if I was a betting man, I would say "Big Money Matt" will retain the TNA World Title and eventually feud with his brother Jeff for that belt.

ROH 14th Anniversary Show

This Friday night, the ROH crew goes back at it to PPV to entertain the fans with the 14th Anniversary Show.  It's crazy to think that Ring Of Honor has been around that long, but it has.  A lot of faces have come and gone (and come through again) to the ROH company, but right now, it seems that ROH really can't do anything wrong.

Final Battle 2015 was a great PPV show, and I didn't think that it could be topped, but I have a feeling that this Friday, it will be.  Jay Lethal vs. Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly for the ROH World Title will be amazing!  Plus with all the Japanese influence on this PPV event, it will give a lot of fans a treat to maybe see Japanese stars that they aren't familiar with, or have only heard about but never seen before.  So I think the event will go off great.

My prediction for the show is that Adam Cole will walk out with the ROH Championship, and that Chris Sabin will finally reunite with Alex Shelley to feud with Kazarian and Daniels down the road.  Also, I think Roderick Strong will win back the ROH TV Title in the 3 way with Bobby Fish and the new TV Champion Tomohiro Ishii.  So it should be a fun show for sure.

So if you are a true, hardcore wrestling fan, I have a feeling you are going to enjoy this week of wrestling and sports entertainment.


Daniel Bryan: "Yes" We Will Miss You

Posted by jammer311 on February 9, 2016 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)


That's the only word I can say right now.  I just watched the Daniel Bryan retirement speech on Raw and it was a very moving speech.  It had funny moments, happy moments, and of course, sad moments.  But it was a great speech and I don't think any one fan of Daniel Bryan can not be happy with his WWE career.

Let me just say this right now, I was not a Bryan Danielson fan.  I actually found him to be quite boring.  When it came to Ring of Honor wrestling, I was a Generation Next guy.  Alex Shelley, Roderick Strong, and yes, the man who ended Samoa Joe's long reign of being ROH Champion, "A Double" Austin Aries.  Those were my guys in ROH.  The "American Dragon" guy was just boring to me.  I didn't get why fans liked him so much back then.

When I heard that the WWE had signed him years ago, I was kind of shocked.  Out of all the ROH talent, Bryan Danielson was the guy they signed?  So they had him come in as a part of the NXT show with The Miz as his mentor.  I thought that was great.  I loved The Miz at that time, he was so arrogant and cool, and made a great US Champion.  The internet fans hated it though, feeling that Bryan was better than The Miz, and did not deserve to have him as his mentor.  Well people, with the WWE it's not about what you did and how well you wrestle, it's about how you can be a great sports entertainer.  And The Miz was just that, a great sports entertainer.

Daniel Bryan won the US Title off The Miz and held it for a while and even then in 2011, seeing Bryan with the US Title just seemed weird to me.  Then I found out that he was dating Brie Bella.

Brie Bella!!

I know a lot of the 'internet marks' hate The Bella Twins, because they supposedly can't wrestle, but look at them.  They are beautiful girls!  And Bryan somehow got Brie to be his own.  Incredible.

Daniel Bryan ended up winning a Money In The Bank contract that year - which again, seemed weird to me - and cashed in on the Big Show, just moments after Big Show beat Mark Henry to become World Champion.  So Daniel Bryan won the World Heavyweight Title at TLC 2011.

I remember reading the report and I was completely shocked and stunned.  So I ended up finally watching it and he started to do this ridiculous "Yes" chant to the crowd.  And he kept doing it on Smackdown, and the Royal Rumble, and on Raw, and everywhere he wrestled at.

"YES! YES! YES! YES!"  What the hell does that even mean?

But it caught on, and it wasn't supposed to do that.  But at Wrestlemania 28, the WWE universe made it well known that "Yes!" was here to stay.  And twelve seconds into the match, Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan to become the new World Champion.

It didn't stop there though, fans loved to chant 'yes' to the point where Daniel Bryan started to chant "no" back at them.  And the fans would keep chanting 'yes' and Bryan would get more hot and scream back 'no' over and over.

"NO! NO! NO! NO!"  Now what the hell does that mean?

I had no idea what was going on with the WWE universe at the time.  Shawn Michaels was retired, Edge had to retire from a broken neck, Chris Jericho was doing Fozzy stuff at the time.  I felt lost in watching WWE at the time.  But then they started to do this anger management thing with Kane, and before you knew it, Kane and Daniel Bryan became Team Hell No, and ended up having a WWE Tag Title reign.

By 2013 though, fans were all chanting "Yes!"  Daniel Bryan had a fan following that was unheard of at the time for anyone, and nobody expected little 5'8" 190lbs Daniel Bryan to be the main guy the fans wanted to see as their guy.  So at SummerSlam 2013 it happened.  Daniel Bryan pinned John Cena to win the WWE Championship.

After that, I finally got it.  I got hooked and I became a fan of Daniel Bryan.  But it was hard.  Because the WWE clearly didn't want anyone to be a fan of Daniel Bryan.

I am kind of going off track here but Vince McMahon, on Raw during Daniel Bryan's speech you were out there, clapping your hands, and doing the "yes" hand gesture and chanting along.  But where the hell were you years prior when fans were doing that?  You had a chance to have Daniel Bryan be your star, to build him up and have him be the man the fans wanted to cheer, but you were so dead set on making Roman Reigns the guy fans cheered, that you ruined Bryan's career for the past two years.  Nobody likes Roman Reigns, I think the fans have made that clear more times than none.

So now, with all that I wrote here, I can say that YES.... I did become a Daniel Bryan fan.  It is sad to see him leave wrestling, but I also understand why he is doing it.  And trust me fans, he is not gone from WWE TV.  You can see Daniel Bryan every Tuesday night on the E! Network with Total Divas.  His wife and him are major stars of that show, so it's not like he's been off TV forever.

So with all that being said, thank you, Daniel Bryan.  Thank you for giving many fans great memories, and giving those out there who feel that they are too small to be a wrestler, the chance to see that maybe their dreams can come true, just like yours did.

- Jammer

Fight Bret Fight!

Posted by jammer311 on February 1, 2016 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Today I woke up to hear about the horrible news that one of my childhood idols in Bret "Hitman" Hart is fighting prostate cancer.  Now I clearly don't know Bret personally, but I spent my childhood and teenage years growing up watching him compete on WWE and WCW television.  He was one of my favourite wrestlers - and he was Canadian!  That to me, was so cool.  Just because I am Canadian.

Bret Hart had such an impact on my life that I had to have his wrestling figures when I was younger.  I bought the LJN rubber wrestlers off a friend just to get Bret.  And I got the Hasbro wrestling figure of Bret for my 15th birthday.  I made sure to get the Jakks Bret Hart figures and lately the Mattel ones too.  And just a month or so ago, I bought the Jakks Bone Crunching Action Bret & Owen set.  It's MOC - meaning "mint on card" tacked on my wall.

I know that this blog isn't a long winded rant - something I do so well on here at times, but I just wanted to show my love and concern for what is going on with the "Hitman" right now.  I am hoping that Bret can beat this cancer that he has, and prove to everyone that he really is the best there is, the best there was, and the best that there ever will be.

"Bret!!! ......Go get 'em, Champ!"

- Jammer

Royal Rumble: A Royal Let Down

Posted by jammer311 on January 23, 2016 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been months since I last wrote a wrestling blog, and I have no excuse as to why I haven't.  The reason is simple why I haven't.  Wrestling sucks right now.  I am not happy with watching it anymore, and it's sad because I was a few months ago.

The WWE had Seth Rollins as the WWE Champion, and even US Champion for a while.  ROH had The Kingdom dominating that company, and TNA had.... a really good World Champion in EC3 but ruined all that at Bound For Glory, followed by a really bad tournament to crown a new champion - which ended up being the same champion that lost the belt to begin with to cause the tournament!  Brilliant booking there.

As I was saying though, I am not a fan anymore of the current wrestling I am seeing.  Sure, Austin Aries finally being signed to a WWE contract in NXT is great, and the thought of AJ Styles coming into the WWE is exciting, but I am sure they will be treated badly in the company.  Before we know it, AJ Styles will be feuding with Bo Dallas on the pre show before a WWE PPV event.  Why you ask?  It doesn't matter, because the WWE creative doesn't care, so neither should we.

To top all of this off is this weekend with the Royal Rumble.  You know, the Royal Rumble, the annual event where Daniel Bryan marks get to ruin the show by booing anyone and everyone that isn't Daniel Bryan when they come out at their set number or win the event itself.  Just look back at 2014 and 2015 to see what I am talking about.

But at one time I would love the Royal Rumble.  It was probably my favourite event of the year.  This year though, they ruined it.  I can easily predict two men to win the Rumble this year.  Roman Reigns, or Triple H.  The reason why is because its now for the WWE World Championship.  No longer a spot to get into the main event at Wrestlemania (which lets be honest here, it was never a spot for the main event, it was a chance at the WWE or World Title years ago).

So I am not too concerned about tomorrow now.  Sure, I will watch it on the WWE Network, because I have the WWE Network so it would make sense to watch it.  But having the WWE Network also helps me be able to go back and watch old Royal Rumble events that I loved and still enjoy to this day.  So that is what I am going to talk about.

Royal Rumble 89 was my first Royal Rumble event I ever seen - and also my first ever pay per view I had ever seen.  It was a Saturday afternoon at 4 pm if my memory is correct.  The matches were okay in it, but I was stoked to see the Royal Rumble!  The thought of 30 men coming to the ring every two minutes was so unique from the traditional battle royal.  I remember when Demolition Ax came out, I said to my father, "wouldn't it be crazy if Smash was number two?"  And what do you know, for Demolition Smash was entrant number two.

Seeing Randy Savage work with Arn Anderson to eliminate a Rocker (I want to say it was Marty Jannetty) was weird to see.  For Savage was a good guy, and Arn was a bad guy, why are they working together?  And seeing Hulk Hogan get eliminated was crazy!  Who would win this event now?  Oh, Big John Studd would.  That's alright, I suppose.  He is big.

The 1990 event was fun too, and the face off of The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan together was awesome at that time.  The 1991 event had the amazing Rockers vs. Orient Express match to open the show, and saw Hulk Hogan finally get his revenge on Earthquake.  But it was Randy Savage that made the news at that event.  He caused the Ultimate Warrior to lose his WWE Title to Sgt. Slaughter.  That turn coat!

The 1992 Royal Rumble.  Maybe the most star-studded Rumble match in the history of the WWE.  Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Sid Justice, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Ted DiBiase, British Bulldog, Texas Tornado, Roddy Piper, Jake Roberts, Randy Savage... just wow!  And Ric Flair proved in that match that he was still the "60 minute man!"

The 1993 and 1994 Royal Rumble events lost some of its star power, but made up for it in wrestling.  Shawn Michaels vs. Marty Jannetty, Bret Hart vs. Razor Ramon, were two matches that made the 1993 event seem special.  And who could forget Owen Hart kicking Bret's leg right out from under his leg, as Owen would say, when he turned on his brother creating a feud that would last for three years.

The 1995 and 1996 events were two of my personal favourites.  For the reason being, Shawn Michaels was victorious at both of them!  I know people like to hate on the WWF: New Generation deal a lot, and say that 1995 was a horrible year for that company, but I loved it.  The Royal Rumble event gave us a lot of great matches too.  Razor Ramon vs. Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Title, Undertaker vs. IRS, Tatanka & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. 123 Kid & Bob Holly for the Tag Titles, and Diesel vs. Bret Hart for the WWE Title.

The 1996 event didn't have that good of an undercard, but the Rumble match itself had a lot of main event guys in it.  Diesel, Yokozuna, Vader, Owen Hart, British Bulldog, soon to be main event guys like Steve Austin, Triple H, and of course, the winner Shawn Michaels.

The 1997, 1998, and 1999 events were alright too.  And I would even go to say that I really enjoyed the Royal Rumble up to 2008.  But after that, it all becomes a blur to me.  Probably because my love for wrestling grew less and less then.  The guys I grew up watching had retired, or semi-retired, or had even passed away.

I chose to watch the Rumble match of 2009, 2010 and 2011 the other night.  So many wrestlers were in the Rumble that I had forgotten even existed.  Guys like Tyler Reks, Mason Ryan, or Alex Riley.  Seeing Dolph Ziggler come in at the 2009 Rumble, shake Kane's hand and get eliminated within 30 seconds just seemed bizarre.  But some of those Rumble's do have awesome memories for me.

The 2010 one when Edge returned to win the Rumble, or in 2011 when "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel returned with the loudest pop of the night.  But the excitement has gone way down now.  For I have to get prepared to hear, "Daniel Bryan! clap clap clapclapclap" chants tomorrow, or the always famous, "CM Punk!  CM Punk!" when something isn't going the way that the marks would like it to go.

So tomorrow I will sit down with some friends, throw on the WWE Network at 8 pm, and watch the event.  Because even though I have a feeling it is going to be a shell of its former self, there is a small portion of me that remembers enjoying this event from years ago.

Now with that being said.... let's kick the new year off with a rumble... let's kick it off with a Royal Rumble!!

Have a fantastic Royal Rumble weekend!!


Legends Never Die, They Just Get Better.

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My friend was over today and was asking me about the WWE Network.  I live in Canada, so we have our WWE Network as a TV station as well as the online stuff too.  We even have a WWE On Demand for our TV cable box.  So I put it on to show him what it was like and I showed him an episode of WWE Legends' House.  And in watching it, Roddy Piper says the line, "Legends never die, they just get better."

Three hours later I go on to Facebook to see a post from TMZ saying that Roddy Piper had passed away.  He was 61 years old.


It's almost now that I have become numb to seeing my childhood heroes pass away on me now.  And in the past few months we have seen the passing of Dusty Rhodes, Buddy Landell and now "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

I was clearly influenced by Roddy Piper in just my every day life.  For example, I have been known to cut into a Piper promo if I am really mad and I start yelling.  It's not what I am saying that sounds like Piper, it's how my voice goes.  I always took that as a compliment that I can somehow find my inner Piper when yelling at someone.

I am lucky enough to own the old WWF Coliseum Video release of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's Greatest Hits.  An old girlfriend of mine from 10 years ago worked at a video retail store and the owner was getting rid of any old VHS tapes.  I was lucky enough to get the old wrestling tapes.  And that Piper tape was part of the group.

I watched that tape more than any other WWF Coliseum Video that I owned.  I thought it was so cool then - still do to this day though.  If anyone hasn't seen it, I suggest you do so.  Matches with Andre, Hogan, Snuka, it's all there wrapped up in one hour and 45 minutes of jam packed action.

I loved They Live.  I think everyone knows of that movie - if not the movie at least the famous line that Roddy Piper said in that movie.  And I think we've all wanted to kick ass and chew bubble gum from time to time.

I think this death is so weird because Roddy Piper was Wrestlemania.  I know we've lost Dusty lately, and many greats before - Randy Savage, Mr. Perfect, British Bulldog, Owen Hart just to name a few - but Roddy was just as big as Hulk Hogan was.  If it wasn't for Piper, there may have not been a Wrestlemania.  Hulk Hogan needed the perfect bad guy to go against, and Piper filled those shoes.

Wrestlemania, Wrestlemania 2, Wrestlemania III....  Piper played an important role in all three events.  He was the original Mr. Wrestlemania as far as I am concerned.

From being WWE Intercontiental Champion, to WCW United States Champion, to all the old titles he held for the NWA Mid-Atlantic days.  Piper has done it all as far as I'm concerned.

I think this picture is the best way to remember Roddy Piper, with the t-shirt saying "No Fear" on it.  Because Roddy Piper lived like he had no fear.

So rest in peace, good sir.  For you brought the wrestling world to its knees.  We all miss you, Hot Rod!

- Jammer

Hulk Hogan: Nobody's Perfect!

Posted by jammer311 on July 26, 2015 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)

As everyone knows by now, a lot of stuff has come out in the past few days regarding Hulk Hogan and the stuff he has done or said over the past years.  Apparently not everything has even been released yet either.  We've only just seen the beginning of the downward spiral that is Hulk Hogan's life now.  For the WWE has erased him in every which way they could - which shows me that there must be a greater amount of bad coming in the next few weeks - and all his wrestling figures that Mattel have been producing and making have been put on hold.

Now I am not saying what The Hulkster said was right or wrong.  That's up for everyone else to decide.  I know we all know what was said.  He used the 'N' word when describing a certain race of people.  But do I think Hulk Hogan is a racist?  No.

I think Hulk Hogan was caught in a bad moment, during a bad situation, with someone recording what he was saying without him even being aware of it.  We don't know what was going on in Hulk's head at that very moment he said that stuff.  He was clearly mad - and I think everyone can agree when you are really mad you say or stuff you later regret!

Hulk is clearly regretting this.

And again, I do not think that Hulk Hogan is a racist.

If Hulk was a racist would he have teamed with Mr. T, Dennis Rodman, work with Karl Malone, and so forth?  I doubt it.  Though they do say money talks, but if someone was so strong to their own self ways then they wouldn't do something they hated for any amount of money in the world.

Anyone who is a Hulk Hogan fan - whether it be white, black, yellow, red - no matter the colour of your skin; we forgive you.  People make mistakes.  I make mistakes, and I bet those reading this right now have made a few mistakes they sure would like to change or forget about.  It happens.

So Hulkster, I am not mad at you overall, I am just mad that you were crazy enough to say that kind of stuff.  You made us wrestling figure fans upset too!  We were so waiting for that Hollywood Hogan figure to come out early next year but now it's been put on hiatus because of the stuff you said.

I know you said you were sorry for the words you said, and I know a lot of your Hulkamaniacs have forgiven you.  We just want the Hulk Hogan of old, the one we grew up watching, and had faith in.  He was a super hero to all of us, we want him back.

So Hulk, try not to say anymore racial slurs, or have sex on camera anymore.  The WWE universe - and the Hulkamaniacs - want you back home where you belong!


The American Dream: You Will Be Missed!

Posted by jammer311 on June 11, 2015 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Wow!  I just heard the news and it's a bit shocking.

Last night, I was talking to a friend.  We were talking about how it's impossible to talk like Dusty Rhodes without sounding like him.  So we both tried and and tried and tried, and the end result was the same.  When you talk like Dusty, you sound like Dusty.  So we had a good laugh about that.  For Dusty is a great guy and one helluva character in and out of the ring......

Today, on June 11th 2015, Virgil "Dusty Rhodes" Runnels has passed away.

Wow, that is so weird to think.  I know Dusty was getting up there - he was 69 years old - but some sports entertainers you just never think will leave this world and go off into wrestling Heaven.  But after Randy Savage passed away back in 2011, we should have realized that no one person is able to skip leaving this world.

Dusty Rhodes was never in my top favourite 10 or 20 wrestlers or sports entertainers but I still had respect for what he did in the business, for the business and around the business.  He's been a World Champion, he's been a head booker, he's ran his own promotion, he's been in the main event of many great pay per views, he's been on Wrestlemania, he's done it all really.

He has had great feuds with the likes or Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Lex Luger, Barry Windham, The Road Warriors, Ted DiBiase, Big Boss Man, Randy Savage and others.

He's been a 3 time NWA World Champion, multiple time Tag Champion, US Champion, World TV Champion, you name it, he's probably held it or fought for it.

Dusty leaves behind a legacy that can not, will not, or could never be duplicated, replaced or broken.  His son Dustin was the first to get into the wrestling business, and then his other son Cody followed the foot steps as well.  Both men have done great with their career and clearly their father was a big influence in how great they became in and out of the ring.

So with all that being said, thank you for everything you've done in this business, Dusty.  You have entertained myself and others for years and years with your promos, your in ring work, and your charisma.

Rest In Peace, Dusty!  We will miss you!

- Jammer

A Random Wrestling Rant!

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I haven't wrote here since after Wrestlemania when Seth Rollins cashed in the MITB contract and became WWE World Champion.  It's not that there isn't stuff to write about, just I will chalk it up to laziness on my behalf.  Lately though, something has been annoying me, and bothering me greatly.

TNA Impact

So we all remember TNA Impact from years ago, right?  The hour show every week on Spike TV that everyone loved and was almost seen as an ECW type show with money to it.  Nothing wrong with that either.  Yet over time, things changed in TNA.  But that happens in every wrestling promotion, things will change in it.  However, it appears that for the past few years, fans have really given up on TNA Impact and I am not entirely sure as to why.

Actually, now that I think of it, these fans don't talk about ROH like they once did either, all because of NXT.  Which is funny, because these fans watch NXT because it's different from WWE Raw or Smackdown.  But here's the thing....

NXT is ran by WWE!!

You are STILL watching a WWE show.  A friend of mine the other day said that Vince McMahon was a genius in that he looked at what the fans love - that being an independent wrestling federation - and created his own in NXT.  They brought in the 'indy darlings' that the fans loved and have them do their thing in an NXT ring - which is a WWE ring.

Okay, so now back to my main point here, TNA Impact.

TNA Impact has a lot of great wrestling action take place.  They have Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, The Wolves, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and a whole host of other men and knockouts who put on a great show each and every week.  But it seems that the wrestling fan wants to see TNA die.... and I don't know why?

Is it because Jeff Jarrett isn't in TNA anymore?

Is it because guys like AJ Styles, Kazarian, Daniels, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin and others like that aren't there anymore?

Do you really hate Dixie Carter that much that you want to see many men and women lose their jobs during a time where there isn't many places to go?

I just don't get it.  And like I said before, sure, TNA isn't what it was 10 years ago, but neither wrestling promotion is.  So why the hate for TNA, fans?

I want TNA to succeed, I want Global Force Wrestling to succeed, I want them all to keep doing their thing, because it's more places for the hard working wrestlers out there to make money at and do what they love.  Yet some fans just don't care if TNA survives or not?

So with that being said, for the rumours about Destination America cancelling TNA Impact seem awfully false now knowing that they just put Ring Of Honor on that channel as a lead in for TNA Impact.  That's right, for Destination America must see money in professional wrestling.

So instead of saying "Goodbye TNA" why not try watching the program and enjoying what you wrestling fans seem to enjoy.... that being wrestling!


Seth Cashes In!!

Posted by jammer311 on March 31, 2015 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (1)

I usually try to come up with a more creative title for my blogs, but let's be honest.... Seth Rollins cashing in his Money in the Bank contract during the main event of Wrestlemania is worthy of a headline.  He finally did it.  Since June, Seth Rollins has been carrying around that gold Money in the Bank briefcase and many wondered when he would try to cash in.  Sure, he tried to do it a few times - Night of Champions to name one - but it never worked out like he had planned.

Until last night.

First of all, I must say this.  It has always sounded so ridiculous on WWE Raw or Smackdown, when someone like Jerry Lawler would say, "When is Seth going to cash in that Money in the Bank contract?"  Well the problem with that question is that the WWE Champion was never there!

I like Brock Lesnar, he grew on me, but the simple fact that the announcers would question Seth's motives in when he was going to cash in that Money in the Bank contract when the WWE Champion was never on a WWE show was mind boggling at best.  Thankfully last night, the WWE Champion was on the card, and Seth made it his opportunity to cash in and win the WWE Title.

Was it too soon?  Perhaps.  Should Seth had at least one run with the Intercontinental Title before being WWE Champion?  Maybe.  But at the end of the day, Seth Rollins is your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

As for the rest of Wrestlemania, it was decent.  I didn't hate the Wrestlemania event this year, I thought it was better than other ones I have seen.  So I guess I will hit on some main points.

Bray Wyatt vs. Undertaker would have made a lot more sense if Taker was still undefeated at Wrestlemania.  Hearing Michael Cole say, "Undertaker is now 22 - 1" just didn't have the same ring to it as let's say.... 23 - 0?  Also, does this mean Paul Heyman has to change his saying of "the one in 21 and one" to "the one in 22 and one" now?  Because that doesn't have the same ring to it.

Sting vs. Triple H.  Where do I even begin?  Sting, you came to the WWE for that?  I get it though, DX vs. NWO was cool.  I am sorry, I meant, "DX vs. NWO would have been cool 15 years ago."  They are older now, and is there even a feud there still?  Also, how can I take Kevin Nash and Scott Hall serious beating up X-Pac and Shawn Michaels when they - along with Triple H - were all together the night before at the Hall of Fame ceremony?  But at least everyone got what they wanted, the DX vs. NWO feud, even for a small moment.

Sting shouldn't have lost to Triple H though.  That to me, made no sense whatsoever.  Sting came into the WWE for that?  To lose a big match at Wrestlemania?  Well, I guess Sting can at least say now he wrestled on the biggest stage of them all at least once in his career.

The ladder match was fast, but a good opener for Wrestlemania.  The right man won.  Daniel Bryan is going to make a solid Intercontinental Champion.  I am looking forward to seeing him have one on one matches with all the men who participated in that ladder match.

The Divas match was good, considering at one time a Divas match on a Wrestlemania card was almost seen as a bathroom break.  Not this year though.  They had a good solid 10 minutes or so to really do some fun stuff out there, and they did not disappoint.  I would have liked to have seen the Bella Twins win, but you can't always get what you hope for.

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins.  Probably the match of the night - up until Seth cashing in the Money in the Bank during the main event.  All that needs to be said about Orton vs. Rollins is...  curb stomp into RKO.

John Cena vs. Rusev was the only feud that really had the proper build up to being a Wrestlemania match.  I actually really liked that match, and it seemed weird to see John Cena once again hold up the WWE US Title - belt he hasn't held for the past 10 years.  I am hoping we get a rematch at Extreme Rules between Rusev and Cena, and maybe Rusev can get revenge and win back the US Championship.

So over all, I did enjoy Wrestlemania 31.  I really enjoyed it too because I finally got the WWE Network.  My cable company here in Canada was the last cable company to get the WWE Network, but they got it, and I got to enjoy Wrestlemania live when it was happening.  So that was an awesome feeling to have.

I also got to enjoy the night before with the Hall of Fame.  A lot of great stars from the past went into the Hall of Fame that night, and I have to honestly say it was one of the best years for sports entertainment stars going into the WWE Hall of Fame.  Randy Savage finally going into the Hall of Fame was great, but it was too bad Randy wasn't still here to be there and talk in front of his fans.  For me, the coolest moment was to see Kevin Nash go in.  I was such a huge Diesel fan when I was a teen, and to see Nash and HBK do the high five that they always did, made me feel like I was 14 years old again, watching 2 Dudes with Attitudes do their thing in the middle of the ring.

So it was a great weekend of fun.  Football fans can have their Superbowl, I will gladly take a Wrestlemania weekend over one day of football.  I can't wait now to see what next year will have in store for the Hall of Fame and Wrestlemania, I am sure the WWE won't disappoint!

But as for right now....

Your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.... Seth Rollins!!!


Royal Rumble Royally Sucked!

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How does the WWE do it?  For two years in a row now (actually four if you want to get technical) the WWE has messed up the Royal Rumble match with having someone win that the fans just don't want to be the winner.

In 2012, it was clear that the WWE universe wanted Chris Jericho to win, but it went to Sheamus.  In 2013, the WWE universe wanted Ryback to win, but it went with John Cena.  Last year, the WWE universe wanted Daniel Bryan to win - correction, the WWE universe wanted Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble match itself - but instead we got Batista.  And this year, the WWE universe once again wanted Daniel Bryan, instead it got Roman Reigns; the man that the WWE universe was cheering last year to win the Rumble.

So let's talk about what happened at the Royal Rumble.  The matches were okay.  It didn't really start to get good until the triple threat match for the WWE Title with Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins and John Cena.

That match was amazing!  Hands down, that was such a thrilling match for emotion.  Seth Rollins proved once again that he is the man, and HE IS the guy the WWE should be pushing.  What a heel.  What a great heel.  Never has a heel been this great since 10 years ago when there was a "Rated R Superstar" named Edge who was causing havoc at each event.

Brock Lesnar is a beast.  The ultimate wrestler's wrestler.  He can do it all!  Who could possibly beat him for that title?  I just don't see it being Roman Reigns.  If John Cena can't do it, then nobody can.

Now onto the Royal Rumble match itself.

What a disaster that was.  Last year had such an amazing Rumble match.  Many men in the ring for long periods of time.  This year we saw Bray Wyatt destroy five or six guys in a row, and then once Daniel Bryan came in, that stopped.  And when Bray eliminated Bryan, it felt like the entire energy in that arena got sucked out.  We got "Daniel Bryan" chants all through the night.  And if that wasn't happening, we had long sounds of constant 'boos' happening.

The problem is though, is that it appears this may be a recurring theme every year at the Royal Rumble for Daniel Bryan.  Which is okay, in that it's great Bryan is still over and has a huge fanbase.  The problem with it though, is that we already seen this last year.  Daniel Bryan already had his moment last year at Wrestlemania, and it was great.  But does it need to happen each year?

They missed a golden opportunity to have Miz get eliminated and see Mizdow follow him over the top rope.  I don't mind what they did with those two in the Rumble match, but I feel the missed the boat with having something funnier happen.

Bubby Ray Dudley returning.  Sure, DDP came back, so did The Boogeyman.  But Bubba Ray Dudley got a huge reaction from the ECW crowd and it was cool to see.  Though it seemed a bit odd that D-Von wasn't there.  I wouldn't mind seeing the Dudley Boyz one last time in a WWE ring before they both call it quits for wrestling.

Roman Reigns.

Last year everyone loved Roman Reigns!  The Shield could do no wrong.  The matches with The Wyatt Family, and then with Evolution, were amazing!  But once The Shield broke up, the fans got to see what Roman Reigns was about.  And that is John Cena 2.0.  Not that he is a carbon copy of Cena, but Reigns has his few designated moves and was being pushed as the future.  That isn't even the problem.  The problem took place at the end of 2014.

The 2014 WWE Superstar of the Year: Roman Reigns.

Okay, why?

I mean, the guy missed from September until the end of the year, and he won Superstar of the Year?  Not Seth Rollins?  Or Daniel Bryan? Or even John Cena?  So already, you could see that the WWE was getting ready to push Roman Reigns at us.

The build up for the Rumble match too on Raw and Smackdown, which showed Reigns being the man.  Then to have the final three guys that Reigns eliminate in the Rumble be Kane, Big Show and Rusev.  Wow!  Could you shove it in our face anymore, Vince?

So when having Bryan get eliminated, to see fans cheer for Ryback, and for Dolph Ziggler, and Dean Ambrose, and even Damien Mizdow, in hopes that maybe those men would win the Rumble, you do the obvious and have Roman Reigns win it; with a huge chorus of boos to go along with that win.

But wait....!!!


Oh my God, he is here!  For The Rock is here, and he is coming down at the end of the Rumble to beat up Big Show and Kane and help celebrate with Roman Reigns!!

What the hell, man?!?!?!

Vince McMahon, you take out the number one guy that the fans wanted to win - in Daniel Bryan - and suck the energy from the crowd by doing that, and you have The Rock there in the arena and you don't put him in the Rumble?!?!?!

Imagine if The Rock came in at number 30, cleaned house, and won the Rumble, thus giving us The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31 for the WWE Title.  The rematch from SummerSlam 2002, with two huge names in sports entertainment history.  No, instead you have The Rock celebrate with Reigns, and hear the crowd boo both men!  And The Rock did not look too happy about that, for his face gave that away.

To top it off, from what I read, you have Randy Orton at the arena, and dressed for competition, and you don't put him out there?  Really?  Randy Orton?

There is just so much that I don't understand about the WWE anymore.  Is Vince McMahon trying to kill it off before he dies?  I just don't get it at all anymore.  It's like if Vince from now was in 1984, he would probably say to keep the belt on Backlund, no matter how much the fans are cheering for Hogan.

I read that Vince McMahon seemed legit surprised by the reaction of the crowd for Roman Reigns too.  And because of that, a trend on twitter started with the hashtag #CancelWWENetwork and supposedly, many people did indeed do that.  But I am willing to bet that by Wrestlemania time, all those people will be subscribed once again to it.

So this is what the Royal Rumble gave us.

It should have been a great moment in WWE history.  A passing of the torch, if you will.  Instead, the Philadelphia crowd pissed on that moment big time.  Rightfully so?  Perhaps.  It's hard to argue that.  But now, all we can hope is that the build up to Wrestlemania 31 will be a successful one.

--- Jammer