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The Wednesday Night War = Ratings!

Posted by jammer311 on October 17, 2019 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been almost a year to the day that I wrote a wrestling blog.  Which is funny, because A: I love to write, and B: I love wrestling.  But it's hard to write about something that you love when it's not very good.  For the past year, we have seen some really crappy stuff take place inside the WWE ring.  Brutal story lines, guys and gals not being used to their best advantage, same ol' shit as wrestling fans would chant when they see the same thing way too many times.  But in the past month that has changed!

The Wednesday night war!

For the past few years, wrestling fans wanted an alternative.  They got that with NXT.  Though it was a WWE brand, it didn't feel that way.  It felt like an indy fed that created stars that eventually went to the WWE.  The NXT fans at Full Sail, could be compared to the original ECW fans at the ECW Arena in the 90s.  Passionate, smart, and loved to be entertained.  With NXT, we got the NXT Takeover specials.  They have been quite spectacular too.  So NXT was really the hot place to be for a wrestler, or a wrestling fan.

All Elite Wrestling.

AEW was a dream by Cody (Rhodes - wait, can I get sued for saying that?!) and the Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega.  Thanks to them, we got to see All In last September.  Stars from ROH, Impact Wrestling, MLW, and NJPW got to perform on PPV for the Chicago audience, and the viewers watching at home.  It was a pretty solid show, and had a lot of buzz, and had a lot of people talking.  Then in January of this past year, it was announced that Tony Khan was creating All Elite Wrestling, and there would be a new big wrestling federation on the block.  TNA Impact tried years ago to compete with the WWE, but it didn't happen like everyone had hoped.  TNA tried to take stars from the original Monday Night War to use against the WWE, and fans just didn't buy it.

So with NXT being the main exciting place for WWE, it couldn't come as no surprise when AEW wanted to have their show be on Wednesday night.  They knew NXT was taped, and on the WWE Network, but maybe they didn't suspect Vince and USA Network to have NXT go live, every week for two hours on USA Network, to shockingly compete with AEW, which is live for two hours on TNT Network.  For we now have a Wednesday night war!

For the past three weeks, AEW has won the ratings.  They are drawing over a million viewers each week, and NXT just isn't.  They aren't getting over a million viewers.  Maybe it's because fans know they can watch NXT the following day on the WWE Network?  Maybe it's because AEW is so new that fans are choosing to watch it?  Or maybe it's because NXT has lost a bit of its shine in recent months, and isn't as great as it once was?  I don't know, because everyone will have a different reason as to why they watch what wrestling program they choose to watch on Wednesday nights.

With wrestling becoming a bit special again, and creating a little bit of a buzz, other wrestling promotions are getting popular too because of that.  ROH is building up their talent pool again, MLW has a unique alternative to what we see on Wednesday nights, and the shocker of it all, the return of the NWA!

NWA Powerrr every Tuesday night, at 6:05 pm on their YouTube channel is the most fun hour each week I get when watching wrestling.  If you haven't watched it yet, tune in and check out the first two episodes.  You will see a lot of familiar faces you remember seeing on your TV screen from years ago, and a lot of new stars that you will enjoy.

Impact Wrestling is doing great things too again.  Brian Cage is a beast, and is a believable champion in every sense of that word.  For Impact Wrestling has turned into a fun alternative to watch, and it feels totally different from the old TNA Impact I watched from ten years ago. 

So because of this new Wednesday night war, we do have ratings!  All wrestling is being watched again, and everyone who's a wrestling fan seems to be enjoying themselves once again.  Except on Monday or Friday, those two days aren't the best for wrestling programs.  But hopefully that will change in time too.

So please, watch AEW Dynamite on Wednesday, watch NWA Powerrr on Tuesday, watch MLW, watch ROH, watch Impact Wrestling.  There is so much good stuff out there right now for us wrestling fans, that we need to enjoy it while we can!

So sit back wrestling fans, and enjoy the new war we get to see weekly!  It's USA Network vs. TNT Network all over again, and no matter the outcome weekly the real winners here are the fans.


What Goes Around.... Comes Around.... Just Ask Seth Rollins

Posted by jammer311 on October 22, 2018 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Wow!  What an emotional episode of WWE Monday Night Raw that was for us wrestling fans.  I had full intentions on writing tonight after seeing the beginning of Raw, and hearing what Roman Reigns had to say.  I know a lot of people aren't fans of Roman, but I think in this situation everyone - from fan to pro wrestler - can unite on this in wishing Roman Reigns the best of luck and support in beating this horrlbe disease once again.


Is there a better night to have an emotional situation topped by another emotional situation?  Probably not.  Which is why the WWE pulled the trigger tonight in an era where wrestling fans will say, "the WWE doesn't do anything edgy anymore."

That changed tonight.

Let me just state though right off the bat, that in 2014 when Seth Rollins turned on Dean and Roman, I put that down as one of the greatest heel turns in recent history.  That was topped by Roderick Strong earlier this year joining the Undisuted Era in NXT.  But tonight, you couldn't have wrote a better story.

Jerry Lawler once said, that what makes an angle or a feud real is having reality involved in it.  It worked in 2005 with Edge and Matt Hardy in the whole Lita situation.  So maybe The King was right on that.  So let's fast forward to tonight.

Roman Reigns gives an emotional speech and is met by his Shield brothers with hugs and tears.  What a moment!  Then we see Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have a chance to be Tag Champions once again tonight in their match with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.  Now if this was any other night, I would have guessed a DQ finish, but I had a feeling tonight we were going to see new Raw Tag Team Champions.

And we did!

I was extremely happy, because I am a huge Seth Rollins fan.  Ironically I became a huge fan of his the night he hit Roman Reigns with the chair, breaking up The Shield.  So I have been cheering him on ever since.  So to see Seth with not just the Intercontinental Title, but one half of the Raw Tag Titles, seemed pretty freaking sweet to me!

Then it happened.

Dean Ambrose turned on Seth Rollins and beat the holy hell out of him.  A DDT on the cement floor, shades of what we got to see happen 32 years ago when Ricky Steamboat felt the wrath of Jake "The Snake" Roberts with taking his DDT on the cement floor.  You don't get up from that, and tonight... Seth Rollins didn't.

The shocked look on the faces of the fans in the crowd really proved that tonight was the perfect night to do the heel turn.  Dean Ambrose is now hated, and probably will be hated for a very long time.

I remember hearing along time ago too that a heel wrestler doesn't feel like he's a heel wrestler.  He feels justified in what he did, and come next week on Raw, I have a feeling that Dean Ambrose is going to say he felt justified in what he did to Seth Rollins.

Now for me to really enjoy this, I put away the whole concept that wrestling was staged, and that they knew what was going to happen.  I wanted to be that 7 year old kid again, who remembers watching Barry Windham turn on Lex Luger - thus giving up their NWA World Tag Titles to Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard.  So I did just that, and I came up with this...

"Fuck you, Dean Ambrose!  I hope Seth Rollins kicks your frickin' ass!!"

There, it's fun to get lost in the excitement that is sports entertainment.  Because let's be honest, wasn't watching wrestling a lot more fun when you weren't 100% sure what was going to happen?

Also, what's going to happen with the Tag Titles on Raw?  A tournament perhaps?  Will Baron Corbin make Seth and Dean remain champions - who will now hate each other - much like Tommy Dreamer and Raven had in ECW years ago?  Should make for some interesting TV if that does happen.

So in ending this blog, I will say this...  Roman Reigns, you got this.  You can beat this, and come back.  Whatever you have to go through, just know you have everyone pulling for you.  And honestly, I bet a lot of people want to see you come back to help Seth get revenge on Dean Ambrose.

Thank you, Roman!

- Jammer

It's Time... It's Time... It's Vader Time!

Posted by jammer311 on June 20, 2018 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (1)

It sucks as you get older and the wrestlers and sports entertainers you grew up watching start to pass away.  It seems to happen more often now than before, and it's just an easy reminder that we are not here for a long time, but we should try to be here for a good time.

Big Van Vader.

The Baby Bull.  Mr. Leon White, passed away at age 63. 

A former NFL player, who ended up becoming a pro wrestler and learned how to be one in the most physical way possible.  That being by wrestling in Japan.  Back in the 80s and early 90s, Japan had many big, phyiscally tough men compete with each other in rather tough battles.

Stan Hansen.

That name will always be joined with Vader in some way, because of the night Vader's eye popped out of his head all because of Stan Hansen.  I remember seeing that match many, many years later, and couldn't believe I was seeing Vader put his eye back into his socket while selling a headlock.  Impressive!

His WCW run was memorable on so many levels.  He came in as a wrestler from Japan, and dominated the likes of another wrestler who is no longer with us, "Z-Man" Tom Zenk.  He would go back and forth from Japan to WCW frequently, until 1992 when he set his eyes on the prize.  That being the WCW World Championship.


The Stinger!  The man who wrestled Vader more times than anyone else during Vader's WCW career.  Vader dominated Sting at the Great American Bash '92 and won the WCW World Title.  Of course, that reign didn't last as long as many suspected, and a few months later Ron Simmons took the WCW Title from Vader.  Vader would then help Rick Rude, by defending Rude's US Title against Nikita Koloff, dominating him in the process.  He would win back the WCW World Title from Ron Simmons at the end of 1992, and go on to dominate 1993 like no other had before him.

Cactus Jack.


"British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith.

"The Natural" Dustin Rhodes.

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.

They all went down at the hands of "the Rocky Mountain Monster" Big Van Vader.

A tease for a Vader vs. Sid match in WCW happened but never went down like planned because of a situation involving Sid and Arn Anderson, but years later in the WWE would we see Vader vs. Sid take place.  But his WCW Title reign finally came to an end in December of 1993 at Starrcade, when Ric Flair took the gold from Vader!

Vader never had a year like that again in the world of pro wrestling sadly.  In 1994 he was stuck in a feud with another man who is no longer with us, Ray Traylor, who wrestled as The Guardian Angel.  He would end up taking the WCW US Title off "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan at Starrcade '94, but then ended up doing what everyone else usually did....  put over The Hulkster.

Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan vs. Big Van Vader was a dream match for people.  It really was!  Go back to 1994 and look at the old PWI magazines, or The Wrestler, Inside Wrestling, any of them.  They will tell you so.  So Hulk Hogan vs. Big Van Vader took place and every time it did.... Hogan won.  No shock there.

Vader ended up leaving WCW in the fall of 1995 and showed up in the WWE at the Royal Rumble '96.  Everyone was excited to see Vader appear in a WWE ring, but once we saw how he was handled at the Royal Rumble event, we all knew that his WWE career wouldn't be that great.  For we got to see a 229lbs sports entertainer in Shawn Michaels, not just eliminate Vader at the Royal Rumble, but also eliminate Yokozuna at the same time!

So where as three years prior, we had 275lbs Lex Luger struggle to body slam the 570lbs Yokozuna, and we had the likes of Cactus Jack, Sting and Hulk Hogan sell for the 450lbs Vader, we got Shawn Michaels eliminating both men.  That seems about right for the WWE.

Vader would stay with the WWE until 1998, when he would leave and go back to Japan and have a successful career there once again.  The last time we seen Vader on WWE TV was in 2012, when he came back to destroy Heath Slater.  So at least Vader's last appearance on WWE TV was how he should have been shown from the get-go.  By dominating his opponent.

Rest In Peace, Leon!  You were much a head of your time when it came to the world of sports entertainment.  You were scary, big, agile, and tough!  Your memory will live on forever.  For it will always be Vader Time!


The Undisputed Era Is Looking Strong!

Posted by jammer311 on April 8, 2018 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Barry Windham....

Hulk Hogan....

Seth Rollins....

Roderick Strong.

Those are some interesting four names, right?  I mean, what would Hulk Hogan have anything in common with when it came to someone like Roderick Strong?  That answer is simple...


Oh wait, now I sound like I am quoting Hillbilly Jim's WWE Hall of Fame speech.  But ironically that word suits all four men.  All four men sacrificed something to better themselves in their career and they had one opportunity to do it, and all four men struck when needed.

Barry Windham.

Barry was riding high, one half of the NWA World Tag Team Champions with Lex Luger and in a match with Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard for those very same Tag Team Titles, sacrificed his gold to be able to raise four fingers in the air, and be a member of the elite group in pro wrestling  - The Four Horsemen.

Hulk Hogan.

When Kevn Nash and Scott Hall jumped ship from the WWE to WCW, they talked about a third man.  Who else knows about the WWE more than Hulk Hogan?  So Hulk didn't just leg drop Randy Savage.  No, Hulk didn't just leg drop WCW.  For Hulk Hogan leg dropped each and every wrestling fan that night at Bash At The Beach in 1996.  Hulk did it to better his career and become a main player once again in the most powerful gang in pro wrestling - The New World Order.

Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins went from being ROH Champion, to NXT Champion, to WWE Tag Champion.  He had his brothers by his side, in Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.  He was with them to the very end, always watching their backs, and them watching his.  The feud with Evolution they had dominated, and really there was nothing left to prove.  But there's always a plan B, right?  Seth proved that by not just slamming a chair in the back of Roman Reigns, and in the stomach of Dean Ambrose, but he did that to every fan that loved The Shield.  For Seth Rollins saw a chance to shine on his own, and with that he became the Money In The Bank winner, and cashed in at Wrestlemania 31 to become the WWE World Champion in the main event no less.  Seth gave up his brotherhood with two men to stand side by side with the man and woman who ran the WWE - Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Roderick Strong.

Roddy vs. The World, right?  We've heard it for years.  Former ROH Tag Champion with Austin Aries, a former ROH World Champion, and a former ROH TV Champion, for Roddy is no stranger to gold.  He is no stranger to the Undisputed Era either.  He has had battles with Bobby Fish in the past for the ROH TV Title, and left ROH around the same time Fish did.  Months later Adam Cole (bay bay!) and Kyle O'Reilly would come in as well.  But Cole, O'Reilly and Fish stuck as a unit.  They were a group.  They wanted Roderick Strong with them, but Roddy kept turning them down.  It go so severe between Roddy and the Undisputed Era, that they had to settle it in a two ring match called "War Games" back in November of 2017.  But Roderick Strong was on his way.  He found a partner in Pete Dunne, and the NXT Tag Titles seemed like a sure thing.  For Dunne hit his finisher on O'Reilly, he went for the pin, and then.....


Roderick Strong kicked Dunne in the back of the head and gave him his finisher so O'Reilly could get the win to retain the NXT Tag Titles.  Strong then took the Undisputed Era arm band off Adam Cole (bay bay!) and put it on his arm, thus showing he was united with Cole, O'Reilly and Fish.

For the strongest group in the history of NXT is even stronger now.  Roderick Strong may be called the "Messiah of the backbreaker" but Strong may be the backbone now to keep this group together.  For The Undisputed Era have the new NXT North American Title, and the NXT Tag Titles.  I have a feeling the next step is the WWE United Kingdom Championship once Strong and Dunne meet one on one, and then any of the four men could easily go after the NXT Title down the road.

I know this is the time frame when wrestlers - both men and women - get called up to the main roster come Monday and Tuesday.  But I have a strong feeling (pun intended) that the Undisputed Era will be in NXT for a little while longer, dominating that devision for years to come.

This picture tonight at NXT Takeover is the beginning of an era... of an Undisputed Era!


Rest In Peace, Bobby!!

Posted by jammer311 on September 17, 2017 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

There was no need for some catchy title today for what I am about to write.  For this is an entry that I don't even want to write about, because it sucks that it happened.  But here it is nonetheless.....

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan has died.

He was 72 years old.

Bobby's health hasn't been the greatest in the past 15 years or so.  He even stated so at his 2004 WWE Hall of Fame induciton, when he talked about being a cancer survivor.  But sadly, that was one problem that kept haunting Bobby for years.

But I don't want to talk about that.  I want to talk about how amazing and awesome "The Brain" was for wrestling, sports entertainment, the AWA, WWE, WCW, just everything!

Let's be honest.  We all loved Bobby Heenan.  Sure, in the 70s and 80s and even early 90s, he was a horrible person in the sports entertainment business, but we all loved to hate him, didn't we?

He managed so many greats in the AWA, and the WWE, and even in WCW in 1996 he came out of retirement to manage Ric Flair and Arn Anderson at Great American Bash.  He was the greatest.  No doubt about that.  He was considered to be the top heel manager in WWE in the 80s, and always was a thorn on the side of Hulk Hogan.  And not just in the WWE either!

In the early 80s, Bobby Heenan managed Nick Bockwinkel.  Another great that is sadly gone too.  But Bockwinkel was AWA World Champion, and unlike the WWE situation, Hogan could never get that World Title off of Bockwinkel.  For Bobby Heenan had outsmarted the Hulkster in the AWA.

That of course, would change in the WWE era of things.

Bobby tried with Ken Patera, "Big" John Studd, King Kong Bundy, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, "King" Harley Race, The Mighty Hercules and even "Ravishing" Rick Rude.  None of them could take the title off of Hogan.  But one man did, and that man was Andre The Giant.  Bobby Heenan convinced Andre to turn his back on the fans, and on Hulk Hogan and the friendship that they had, to go after the WWE Title.  And it did pay off.

Bobby managed Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard, as well as Andre The Giant & Haku to the WWE Tag Titles, and helped bring the Intercontinental Title to Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect.  Bobby could do it all in the WWE.  And when he wasn't managing, he was commentating with the likes of Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon, Randy Savage, Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone.  Whether in WWE or WCW, Bobby could talk and do what he did best - make the heels seem innocent, and bad mouth the faces.

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan managed like a wrestler, and wrestled like a manager.  He would take a beating from Hogan, Warrior, Duggan, Roberts - whoever it may be - so the man he was managing wouldn't get hurt.  But he would be quick to come up with schemes, plans, and tricks to outsmart the good guys.  For Bobby Heenan was the man.

So with that being said, we wrestling fans lost a huge member of our world today.  We lost the greatest manager to ever step foot inside a wrestling ring.  We lost the manager that all managers should learn from and study from.  We lost "The Brain" of professional wrestling and sports entertainment.

Rest In Peace, Weasel.... ooops, I mean, Brain.  For we all love and miss you greatly.


NXT: Ring Of Honor Takeover!

Posted by jammer311 on August 20, 2017 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I can honestly say I don't get shocked much anymore when it comes to professional wrestling.  I have been watching it since the age of five, and I am 36 years old now, so I have pretty much seen it all in that time frame.  So when something shocks me in the world of sports entertainment, it has to be a big deal.  And let's face it, nothing on Raw or Smackdown is going to shock any of us anymore as wrestling fans.

I wasn't really expecting much in regards of tonight's NXT Takeover show on the WWE Network.  I read who was wrestling, and aside from a few matches, I felt it was a pretty basic show.  Maybe other people felt it was going to be a great show, but compared to last year or the year before, this Takeover show seemed dry.  Though I was really looking forward to the NXT Tag Title match - mainly because of Eric Young.  Even though he wasn't wrestling in the match, I was still going to root for SAnitY to win.

Surprise, suprise!

Eric Young WAS in the match.  Excellent, now I am digging this tag match even more.  It had a lot of intense moments in it actually, and the crowd was jacked for it.  The same thing happened at the last Takeover show too, when DIY fought The AOP in the ladder match for the tag titles.  So NXT is at least doing something right in regards of the tag division and has for quite some time.

Then it happened.

For Eric Young is now one half of the NXT Tag Team Champions!!

Congratulations "Jer" on the win.  Everyone is extremely proud of you, and I know your mom had a front row seat from Heaven watching you win your first WWE championship in the NXT brand.

Now back to the big shocking moment.

The first one was when Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish jumped the barricade and laid a beat down on not just The AOP but also on SAnitY as well.  For reDRagon was here, and they were making an impact!

So I was pretty excited about that.  But little did I know my excitement would double within an hour.  For it was now time for the main event, Bobby Roode defending his NXT Championship against Drew McIntyre.  The match went back and forth and then finally Drew got the kick in on Bobby and the pin and we had a new NXT Champion!

Then I noticed the fans going nuts behind Drew in the crowd, pointing and cheering.  The camera panned over and reDRagon were on the corner, distracting Drew.  Why was that?


Wow!!  Adam Cole is really in the WWE, and he is in the ring, with Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly.

Wait a minute, did I say that correctly?  Adam Cole is in the ring, working with his former partner - turned vicious enemy - Kyle O'Reilly?  Apparently so!

Wait a minute once again.... aren't all three men former champions in Ring Of Honor?  Whether it be TV, Tag or Heavyweight?  Again, apparently so!

This is amazing!  For NXT Takeover turned into ROH Takeover.  I mean, if you look back at the track record for the WWE, they never handled invasion angles well.  They botched the Alliance situation in regards of WCW and ECW in 2001.  The NWO fell flat within months in 2002.  The 2010 NXT invasion even blew, and that was a WWE creative brand!  But somehow, we have a ROH invasion happening right now in NXT.  Will Roderick Strong join them?  Where does Nigel McGuinness stand?  This is very exciting, and I hope the WWE doesn't drop the ball with this one like so many in the past.  Then again, if Triple H is in control of this, I have a feeling it will go off perfectly.

So let's hear it for the WWE doing something awesome.  We have a faction that is all ROH based wrestlers, who the fans realize are from ROH, and are excited now to see what is next for reDRagon and Adam Cole (bay-bay).  Ring Of Honor's lost is clearly NXT's gain on this one.

What a moment that was.  Something I don't think any wrestling fan would think they would see ever, but our dreams came true.  For reDRagon and Adam Cole (bay-bay) are here in NXT, and I am sure they aren't going to stop until all three men have some gold.


"He Spent 15 Years Getting Overlooked"

Posted by jammer311 on March 12, 2017 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

"15 years getting under booked, now what's ROH gonna do, when all their talent leaves?"

Okay, so I ripped off the song "Bob" by NOFX there, but changing those lyrics around to what I created, you now get the song "Daniels."  For it finally happened, after 15 long years in ROH/TNA, Christopher Daniels can now say he is a World Champion!

I met Christopher Daniels in 2005 at a BCW show in Windsor, Ontario.  That was the same show where Jeff Jarrett beat Raven to once again become NWA World Champion.  But I went to the show to see my old friend, Eric Young - who at the time, I hadn't seen in well over three years.  So EY was standing around with his mom, friends and me, and I saw Daniels.

"Is he cool?" - Me

"Yeah, go talk to him." - EY

So I went up to him and said, "Hey Chris, can I get a picture?" and he was happy to oblige.  And here is said picture.

He then looked at Eric Young's mom and said, "Mama Showtime, your son beat me with a small package for the Tag Titles."  Just super funny, and I became even a bigger fan of his than I already was.

But it seemed TNA wasn't a fan of his.  Sure, Daniels had many Tag Title wins, with the likes of Elix Skipper, Low Ki, James Storm, AJ Styles and Kazarian, and multiple reigns of being X-Division Champion.  But they never seemed to want to put him as the World Champion.  He had matches with AJ Styles for the Title in 2009, but never won it.  He would get fired, and rehired and fired and rehired from TNA that I lost count after a while.  Until in 2013 when they let him go for good.  So it was off to ROH once again.

The 'Fallen Angel's' ROH career is just as messy as his TNA career at times.  Tag Title reigns, TV Title reigns, and eight or nine World Title shots, but never a win.  It seemed like in 2005 that he was destined to win the belt which was created for him - as so many have said in the past - in his feud with CM Punk.  But for some reason, ROH chose to have Punk drop the ROH Title to James Gibson instead of Daniels, or even Samoa Joe for that matter.

So Daniels came to terms with that he was probably never going to win the big one.  But the fans never came to terms with that.  The hardcore Christopher Daniels fans wanted him to have it at least one time in his career.  The ones that followed him from the early days of Windy City Wrestling in Chicago, to ECW, to WCW, to TNA, to ROH, and every where in between.  The Super 8 ECWA tournament that he won - not once, but twice!  The feuds he has had with the likes of AJ Styles, America's Most Wanted, CM Punk and Samoa Joe, plus others.  The guy needed that one last chance, to see if he could be that World Champion.

The ROH 15th Anniversary Show.

The talk in ROH lately was the Broken Hardys being there and winning the ROH Tag Titles, but after this past Friday, the talk is now that we have a new ROH World Champion, and his name is Christopher Daniels!

He beat Adam Cole (bay bay!), with the help of long time friend, Frankie Kazarian, but it happened.  And everyone was so damn happy about it, and rightfully so.  To see Jay and Mark Briscoe, Chris Sabin, Kazarian, among others in the ring to celebrate with Daniels was awesome.  To see him get presented the original ROH Title that was created in 2002 - that really was created for him - was amazing to witness, as he held both the current and classic ROH Title over his head.

I am not sure if Daniels got the title because Adam Cole (bay bay!) is leaving for the yellow and black colours of NXT.  Or maybe it was just the right time to put the belt on Daniels.  I am not sure, but I am happy that it happened.  People are talking about how fans piss and moan over Goldberg winning the WWE Universal Title, but those same fans are cheering on Daniels winning the ROH Title.  Well you see, there is a huge difference there.  Daniels has never held it, and went for many years trying to grab that belt.  Where as Goldberg is already a former two time World Champion, and came back for the money and the fame.  So please don't compare the two wins.

So with that, I leave this picture, of Christopher Daniels celebrating his big World Title win!

Congratulations, Christopher Daniels!  The chant "you deserve it" is best suited for you in this picture right here.


TNA's Deletion of the Broken Hardys is ROH's Gain!

Posted by jammer311 on March 5, 2017 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

The world of pro wrestling has always had its ups and downs and none were greater than the Monday Night War era.  Where a wrestler could be wrestling on WWE Raw one week and show up on WCW Nitro the next.  Or where he could be on WCW Nitro one week and appear at an ECW event the following Saturday.  But that all changed once Vince McMahon "bought and owned his competition" as he so likes to put it.  But with the demise of WCW and ECW in 2001, saw the birth of TNA and ROH in 2002.

TNA - the little engine that could (constantly mess up for the past seven years).  Okay, so TNA is a lot like that little engine that could though in that book.  Somehow, TNA always keeps surviving.  And in the past few years TNA seemed to really be at their breaking point.  They lost life long TNA guys like Bobby Roode and Eric Young.  Austin Aries and Samoa Joe opted to leave, have a cup of coffee at their old home of ROH, and then go off to that little brand called NXT that people seem to care about.  And don't get me started on when TNA chose to let guys like Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, AJ Styles, Daniels and Kazarian go!  TNA started to look like a really sad state compared to what it once was.  Even Kurt Angle chose to walk away last January from TNA.

Enter Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Matt and Jeff have been a part of TNA for a while, but were there usuala Matt and Jeff like characters.  For Matt it screamed 2005, and for Jeff, well... it was just always Jeff.  But a heel turn by Matt after winning his second TNA World Title and a quick loss to Drew Galloway helped 'break' Matt into something special.

Enter "Broken" Matt Hardy.

It started out as a complete joke.  I don't think anyone took it serious at all.  Until - either by accident or on purpose - Matt said those six little words...  "Brother Nero, I knew you'd come."

"Broken" Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy in the winner gets the Hardy name.  "Broken" Matt won, thus making Jeff Hardy, "Brother Nero" to "Broken" Matt and to everyone else too.  For it was now "Broken" Matt's quest to win back the TNA World Tag Title's that the Hardy Boys never lost to begin with.  But in doing so, somehow "Broken" Matt started receiving cheers.

"Delete!  Delete!  Delete!  Delete!"

Sure, "Broken Matt" stole it from an anime film that nobody has probably ever heard of, but it doesn't matter, it got over like crazy in the wrestling world.  Fans everywhere would chant it.  And believe you me, it really did take off everywhere.  Even on WWE television you would hear a mild chant at times of "Delete!  Delete!  Delete!"  So with that, "Broken" Matt and Brother Nero were fan favourites, and once again became TNA World Tag Team Champions.  And the wrestling world was once again talking about The Hardys.

Enter "The Broken Hardys."

The TNA fans were loving The Broken Hardys and all the crazy skits that came with it.  The matches and fights from "Broken" Matt's home were amazing.  The clever lines such as, "even the man with three H's in his name would love how we buried these young superstars", among other great moments including Vanguard 1, Senior Benjamin, and even King Maxel's in ring debut with a win over Rockstar Spud.  It really caught on, and fans just couldn't get enough of it.

Enter Jeff Jarrett, Exit The Broken Hardys.

Jeff Jarrett apparently somehow got his hands back on TNA, and yes, I know he created it, but the TNA Jeff Jarrett created and helped ran is long dead, and so far from what TNA has become each week on the Fight Network or POP TV.  And that caused the reigning TNA World Tag Team Champions, the Broken Hardys to up and leave TNA Impact for good.  The best thing about TNA each week is now gone.  And not just "Broken" Matt and Brother Nero, but Maria Kanellis is gone, Mike Bennett, Drew Galloway, among others.  Everyone that was helping make TNA better over the past year or so, is pretty much gone now.

Enter Ring Of Honor.

It shocked the world at Final Battle of last year, when "Broken" Matt appeared on the video screen to challenge the Bucks of Youth to a match.  This was a place where Matt Hardy appeared at for years along with a group called The Kingdom, and was booed heavily and was not really welcomed.  But this was a different Matt Hardy, for this was "Broken" Matt, and he was surely more than welcome to be in a ROH ring.

Enter The Broken Hardys in ROH.

Just three days ago, they were TNA wrestlers, and TNA World Tag Team Champions, and as of March 4th 2017, "Broken" Matt and Brother Nero are now ROH wrestlers, and the new ROH World Tag Team Champions.  And they had such a reaction from the crowd.  They loved it!  For The Broken Hardys have found a new home, a home that they will be respected and treated properly.  For TNA can have that old 2006 image all they want again, with the likes of Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantell running that company, but Ring Of Honor will have nothing but a 'broken' good time.

So now with "Broken" Matt and Brother Nero as the ROH World Tag Team Champions (of the world?  Sorry Daniels) it's safe to say that the Ring Of Honor tag teams better be on the lookout now, for The Broken Hardys will make them all....  "Delete!  Delete!  Delete!  Delete!"


AJ Styles: Smackdown With A Bit Of Impact!

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Very few times do I have mark out moments while watching WWE anymore.  Austin Aries debuting on NXT was huge.  Seth Rollins coming back a few months ago was one.  My good friend Eric Young showing up on NXT was another.  Even Bobby Roode appearing at NXT Takeover last month was exciting to see.  But tonight may have been the one to take the cake!

For AJ Styles is our new WWE World Champion!

That's right, the "Phenomenal One" is our WWE World Champion.

I remember the first time I saw AJ Styles in action.  My friend and I figured we may as well buy a TNA weekly PPV since they were only $10 at the time, and the match we saw was AJ Styles vs. Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title.  And that night, AJ Styles won his first NWA World Championship!  Right then I instantly became a fan of his.

People talk about the "Summer of Punk" for CM Punk in ROH in 2005, and in WWE for 2011, but I much prefer the Summer of Styles for TNA in 2003.  He had amazing NWA World Title matches with D'Lo Brown, Raven, Low Ki, Jerry Lynn, and Jeff Jarrett.  It was a real fun time, and I believe I seen most - if not all - those title matches that summer.

Then you put in all the X-Division Title matches, with the likes of Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, Low Ki, Jerry Lynn, Sean Waltman, Samoa Joe, and of course his old friend/rival.... Christopher Daniels.  Those matches speak volumes and are still fun to watch today!

The Tag Titles he held with Abyss, Christopher Daniels, Tomko - and being the Prince of TNA at the time - and then the the NWA World Title reigns, as well as the two TNA World Title reigns.  For AJ Styles dominated TNA Impact Wrestling.

But the question always remained, would AJ Styles ever go to the WWE?

I remember when he left TNA in January of 2014, I thought maybe he may show up in the WWE.  But he opted to go to New Japan and ROH for the next little while.  He became a two time IWGP Champion, and was part of the greatest faction since the New World Order: The Bullet Club.  He would have amazing matches with the likes of Jay Lethal in ROH, all the while working out a deal to go back to TNA Impact Wrestling?!

Yes, that is true.  But at the last minute, the WWE came a-calling, and he opted to sign with the WWE.

The Royal Rumble.

The biggest event of the winter (Hey, if SummerSlam can be the biggest event of the summer, I don't see why the Royal Rumble can't be the biggest event of the winter?) was taking place and who was number three entrant?  AJ Styles!

Wow, AJ Styles was finally in the WWE.

Next up, Wrestlemania.  Where he had - what I felt - the match of the night with Chris Jericho.  And even though he was on the losing end that night, it was still a big win for AJ Styles, because he was on a WWE Wrestlemania event.

The WWE Title matches with Roman Reigns.  Maybe some of Reigns best matches, and Styles brought the best out of him.  Both matches they had were amazing, and should be watched if you haven't seen them.

The John Cena feud.  For yes, AJ Styles actually pin, and dominated the feud with John Cena.  Something that has never happened since Cena's feud with Edge years ago.

But tonight, the greatest thing of all took place.  For AJ Styles finally did it.  Tonight, AJ Styles became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

I think this is a huge win for everyone that has followed AJ's career.  This is a big win for all the TNA Impact wrestling fans.  This is a big win for the guys like Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and anyone else who is on the WWE roster who has been along on this ride with AJ Styles.

So tonight, Phenomoenal One, you can celebrate.  For it took you 16 years to do it.  And you can say you finally did it!  For AJ Styles, you are the WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

Take it all in, champ!  You deserve everything you are getting right now.  For your title reign will be nothing but.... phenomenal!


NXT Just Hit 'Showtime'

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I am very excited and pleased about what I read tonight regarding the NXT show that took place.  For an old friend of mine showed up and went right after the new NXT Champion Samoa Joe.  Oh wait, that's right.  I shouldn't gloss over that.  For last week, Samoa Joe beat Finn Balor to win the NXT Title at a live event.  I guess anything can really happen at these WWE and NXT live event shows.

Back to the story at hand.

As I was saying, an old friend showed up tonight, and his name is Eric Young.  But I call him Jeremy.  As you may or may not recall, I wrote a blog about this man a little over two years ago.  Just in case you missed it, here it is.


I was so excited when Jer won the TNA World Title.  I suppose in the wrestling world, the letters TNA don't seem like much to fuss about anymore.  But at one time, that company was on the verge of breaking out and being something special.  Then it just fell drastically at the hands of its own success.  But still, Jer could at least say he was a World Champion in a wrestling organization.

All his friends and family celebrated online about this.  It was a huge deal for us in Canada who grew up or trained with Jer, or who had a personal friendship with him from over the years.  We all were so excited and the Facebook comments and messages came in.  Congratulating him on a job well done.

I am so proud of everything that Jeremy has accomplished.  I remember going to the ICW wrestling school with two friends named Mike and Glenn in the summer of 1999, and I took a bump on the ring with Jer, and two other friends named Aaron and Adam standing by.  I took the bump and I remember thinking, "OUCH!"  I officially decided right then and there that my dreams of being a wrestler were now gone, but I could still write about wrestling, and that I have done over the past five or six years.

Tonight though is a different feeling.  Because as cool as it was to see him in BCW, and TNA, and even House of Hardcore, to see Jer wrestle in an NXT ring is huge.  Jer has had a lot of haters over the years on the internet.  He may know that himself.  People thought it was a joke when he won the TNA Title, because he went from being a comedy act to being the World Champion.  But these 'smart mark' fans don't know anything about the wrestling business and what makes or breaks a guy.  Hell, I don't even know it.  I just love writing about it!

The name Eric Young was huge in Ontario back in the early 2000s.  He was the 'daredevil' of Team Canada.  He did it all in TNA, and he clearly out grew TNA, and now he is in a new territory with old friends like Samoa Joe and Austin Aries, and new faces like Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura.  It's going to be really exciting to see what the future holds now for Eric Young.  All his friends and family are ready to take the ride with him.

To coin a phrase from the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame Sting....  "it's Showtime, folks!"

- Jammer aka your buddy Bill