Jammer's Wrestling Thoughts

All about Jammer

I have followed professional wrestling all my life.  Wait, I am sorry.  I think the correct term is sports entertainment now.  Depending on what you are watching.  I grew up on the World Wrestling Federation, and the NWA.  I watched the NWA transfer into WCW, I watched Eastern Championship Wrestling become Extreme Championship Wrestling.  I watched the USWA, Smokey Mountain Wrestling and everything in between.  And to this day I haven't stopped, where I have become a fan of TNA and what the WWE now is.

Whether it be through the hard times, or the good times, the low times to the hot times, I have followed professional wrestling.  I never missed it.  I am a true hardcore fan.  But I also know a good match, and I also know talent and I also know what is entertaining.  I don't sit back and judge.  I won't do that with this site I am doing.  I am not a pro wrestler, nor do I pretend to be.  But I have friends in the business.  And as a fan, I also know what's enjoyable and what plain out just sucks.

So what you get with me??  Well it's simple.  You get an outspoken journalist.  I can say that.  I did go to journalism school.  So I figure I may as well use my talents for something in which I enjoy.  So you will hear my rants, my views, my thoughts, my dislikes, my likes and everything that is wrestling related.

I have watched wrestling for more than 25 years.  I have seen a lot in that time period.  I own enough wrestling tapes/dvds too to wrack in a brains worth of memories and useless knowledge of pro wrestling.  Who was the 5th Canadian Prime Minister??  I don't have a clue.  Who was the 5th WWE European Champion??  Well that would be Triple H.

So hopefully you enjoy this site, and please voice your opinion on things as well.  Feedback is payback, right??


As for the "about me" part of this, I guess I could explain some things about me.  I like hockey as my other sport of choice.  Probably because I am Canadian.  Just because I am Canadian it doesn't mean that Bret Hart is a God to me.  But he is the greatest technical wrestler that was in the World Wrestling Federation in the 80's and early 90's.  So he may not be a God to me, he was still one of my faves.  I love the Pittsburgh Penguins, and I loved them before they won the Stanley Cup in 2009.  And I have a zillion wrestling dvds.  There, that is all that you get for now.