Jammer's Wrestling Thoughts

Jammer's Wrestling Site of awesomeness!!

Alright, so you found the page.  What do you get with this page??  Simple.  Wrestling.  That's it.  Just wrestling.  I will have facts, views, thoughts, and ideas on this site about what we know and love, professional wrestling.  This site is about the WWE, TNA, ECW, ROH and even old stuff like WCW, SMW, WWWF, NWA-ECW and so much more.

I think we have all seen internet websites on wrestling.  I see it on youtube a lot.  People saying what they feel should have happened on WWE or TNA.  Giving their insights on matters which is alright, don't get me wrong.  If it wasn't alright I wouldn't be doing this site.  But I think it's time that maybe someone with wrestling knowledge spoke up about things regarding WWE, TNA and other wrestling federations.

I will voice my opinion on it all.  I will even have a list of wrestling tapes I own which are on here for tape trading it that comes up with anyone.   It's a fun little thing I have done for years and don't plan on stopping now even with all the many torrent sites that are out there on the internet.

So I won't update this with 'news worthy' rumors that are on the net.  That's not what this website is about.  It's about a chance to voice on how I feel about things.  And it's a chance for you to read, and either agree or disagree with me.  So hopefully you check out this site a lot because I am hoping that I will be updating it daily.

Check out my blog section, for that's where I will be ranting and talking about the world of professional wrestling, or sports entertainment.  Whatever the hell you want to call it.

So sit back, and relax.  Take a drink and let's get this started, shall we.




Also, please feel free to check out the guest book.  It works, I tested it so yeah, that would be cool of you wanna just leave your comments there about anything.